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Megha Upadhyaya

HCI Researcher fascinated by social change. Currently based in England.

What I do

Research Areas

Inclusive Design
Games Accessibility

Autumn Term 2023 HCI Thesis Project

Crowdsourcing Descriptions of Visual Works of Art for Blind and Partially Sighted People

Access to art is very important to many blind and partially sighted people and they want to learn about aspects of art the same as that of sighted people. Some museums and art galleries provide audio guides and tours for blind and partially sighted visitors, but images of artworks on their website are generally not accessible. This project explored the possibility of crowdsourcing descriptions of artworks for blind and partially sighted people.

Spring Term 2023 Cohort Research Project

Accessibility for Players without Disabilities:
A Qualitative Analysis

The video gaming industry is empowering players with disabilities to accessible gaming and socialisation. Nevertheless, players without disabilities seem to value the aspect of accessibility in video games. However, there is a limited work that explicitly focuses on accessibility for people without disabilities, despite its potential benefits for everyone. This study explores how non-disabled players conceptualise and use accessibility features in multiplayer games.

Spring Term 2023 Secondary Research Project

Gamification for Environmental Behaviour Change: A Literature Review

Environmental behaviour change is a worldwide call for action. Being aware of climate change and actively promoting conscious choices is critical in effectively implementing mitigation strategies. Gamification is a strategy for communication and education that can enhance both awareness and engagement in pro-environmental behaviour. This research is a comprehensive literature review of gamification for climate change.

Winter Term 2022 Cohort Design Project

YorVolunteer: A User Centered Designed App for York Community

Volunteering is a fantastic way to ‘give back’ to the community, learn and develop new skills, gain new experience and achieve greater wellbeing. There are many opportunities for volunteering in the local community in York and 'YorVolunteer' is designed keeping people pf York in mind, offering them with a wide range of volunteering activities they can undertake and keep a record of them. This project follows a user-centred design lifecycle.

July 2018 Fiction Novelette

As Far As Paradise

As Far As Paradise is a short story, a fictional narrative of intimate afterlife experiences and events. When Mike, a happily married business person dies he discovers the consequences to 'being around' his wife and strives to search for the right track before it's too late.

November 2020 Poetry Collection


Corals: The World is Much Bigger Than We Are is a debut poetry collection about survival and humanity. The poems flow fluently taking readers through a journey of bitter-sweet moments, reminding them of their shared humanity and love in trying times.


2020-2021 45 episodes

It's Never Too Late

A podcast for creators! If you're scratching your "need to create" itch, this podcast is for you. Megha Upadhyaya talks to a variety of creators - writers, artists, influencers & mentors from different genres and styles to uncover their stories, to inspire those who aspire to be like them but think it's too late. Take a break from humdrum of your daily life and tune in to get started because IT'S actually NEVER TOO LATE!

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I'm recently graduated in Masters in HCI from University of York, England. Growing up, I learned everyone has a story to tell, and I'm fascinated by all-things people think, feel, and behave. Always down to collaborate, reach out!