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MEGHA UPADHYAYA is a New Delhi based published author and a working writer. She studied technology and always dreamed of being a writer - making herself relatable to the readers. She then started writing for online magazines like Panda Gossips and made guest/ contributing posts for YourStory, Buzzfeed and more.  As Far As Paradise was her debut novelette published in the college days, at the age of 20.

Megha is the host and producer of It's Never Too Late, a long form conversation with authors, creatives and changemakers that is gaining popularity among podcasts on Spotify.

She often drifts off into space & become oblivious to her surroundings; that is when she is concocting a poem for her next collection or finding a sweet spot for defining flash/ micro fiction for the most celebrated micro fiction platform, Terribly Tiny Tales. When Megha  isn't reading or writing, she's probably sketching or binge watching TV shows or set on her mission to bring animals to people's hearts. She enjoys cakes and pies, as should all right thinking people. She wishes to transport readers to a place where heroes have endearing flaws, gender is only for identification & not discrimination, the land is lush & populated with untamed brutes, and humanity is alive and well!

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