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Author Interview With Megha Upadhyaya — The Engineering Major Who Loves To Write Podcaster, Novelist, Poet. She goes by many names. Discover the world of Megha Upadhyaya.

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It’s Never Too Late – Podcast Interview! Megha is a very pleasant and upbeat host and I had a blast! I would highly recommend you check this episode out and then take a look at her back-catalog where she has interviewed other writers and creatives from different industries at various points in their careers.

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Podcast Episode: It’s Never Too Late With Megha Upadhyaya I had a lot of fun recording this with Megha, and I am so excited to share it with all of you.

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My Podcast Interview – Breaking the silence and becoming an author & activist – It’s Never Too Late Well, it all started when I was approached by Megha on Twitter, asking me to do a podcast interview and I jumped at the opportunity. When we scheduled to do it, I was very nervous, I could literally feel my heart beating in my chest. Megha was so lovely though, so understanding and I eventually felt myself calming (okay, a little).

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The Podcast Series It’s Never Too Late: The Interview The title of this podcast series It’s Never Too Late is very timely. My journey as a writer is such a dream come true to me. It’s like I am writing my heart out. And then one day, I received an invite from Megha Upadhyaya to be a guest in a Podcast series. It’s such a great experience to be interviewed by different authors and writers in different parts of the world. Just like this interview, creating it brings a new path for me. Now I can share my knowledge and work not just through writing but also through other platforms like Podcast and Spotify.

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