Can we count on the AI friendly lifestyle choices?

blog Nov 10, 2020

We are surviving one of the most obliterating health crises in the recent history. This year is still bringing us untold worldwide death toll, destroyed livelihoods, and repercussions. Moreover, the pandemic has globally shaken the business landscapes, hastening the data generating through the expanded digital transactions and remote working. Now, the technology, particularly AI & innovation has a considerably major contribution in carrying out day-to-day tasks to help the associations and nations to adjust and revamp our working lives. Today's AI is trustworthy & a problem solver, they say. The users focus on "what" AI can offer them, not "how". The organizations strive to build the most fair, reliable, logical and safe algorithms for their systems. Prominent cases of AI abuse by gigantic tech firms have sapped the users' faith in AI. The aftermath has raised more noteworthy awareness about the extensive usage of consumers' personal data.